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100% Organic product   By enhancing the immunity of the plants against bacterial infection, this solution prevents the spread of Bacterial blight (Telya). The offered solution is formulated using quality inputs under suitable environmental conditions.


  • Xantho 100 is manufactured from is a unique biochemicals, which induces “Systemic Resistance” in the plants against viral infections. (Moisturizer)
  • Xantho 100 gives longer control against Xanthomonas, alternaria, canker black arm, angular leaf spot and anthracnose diseases on various crops
  • Xantho 100 is a unique and multiple plant protector which is highly effective in controlling fungal and bacterial blight.
  • Xantho 100 develops immunity power to resist bacterial infection
  • Xantho 100 controls many diseases by preventive and curative action
  • Xantho 100 on application spreads systemically through-out the plant after application. Works by both systemic & contact action.
  • Organic Nematicide and Antivirus, residue free hence can be use at export oriented crops
Crops :  
  • Pomegranate, tomato, grapes, citrus fruits, watermelon, chills, mango, soyabean, cotton, strawberry etc
  • All fruit crops, vegetable crops, floriculture crops and other commercial crops
  Dosage Spray the whole plant, having through coverage with Xantho 100 at 1 to 2 ml per lit. of water   [Note: It is supplied to manufacturers only as a raw material]

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