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Yeast Autolysate

Yeast Autolysate produced by Autolysis process of self-digestion, in which the cell is destroyed through the action of its own digestive enzymes. Autolysates are produced similar to the yeast extracts but cell walls are not removed in the process. This makes them partially water-soluble. Autolysates combine the positive attributes of yeast extracts and the cell walls resulting in smaller peptides for taste improvement and enhancement, texture, viscosity. As compare to Yeast extract powder the main diffrences of yeast autolysates are
  • The autolysis stage of the production process is shorter for Autolysed Yeast compared to Yeast Extract, resulting in a partial hydrolysis of the yeast constituents.
  • Cell Walls are not removed from Autolysed Yeast, resulting in a product which is only partially soluble in water.
It is rich in vitamins and other nutritive substances such as free amino acids.


In roasted, toasted, cereals, and its taste enhancing power, Autolysed Yeast is used for the flavouring of snacks, cocktail biscuits, savoury mixes, etc. It is also used as an ingredient for pet-food and as a nutrient for micro-organisms in some fermentation processes. The phenomenon of autolysis is of great importance to the producers of sparkling wine (methode champenoise) and white wine by “sur lie” method. The major constituents formed during autolysis include: nitrogenous compounds, polysaccharides, nucleic acid components, fatty acids, various vitamins, and aroma compounds. These and other components of autolysate play an important role in the aroma and quality of sparkling wine.

Product Quality Specification

Appearance Light yellow to brownish yellow homogenous free flowing powder,having characteristic odour.
Solubility Completely soluble in water
Clarity Clear solution
pH (2% w/v aq solution) 5.5 -7.5
Loss on drying Max 6.0%
Nitrogen content Min 11.5%
Amino nitrogen Min 3.0%
Protein content Min  65.0%
Ash content Max 15.0%
Total Microbial count <10000 cfu/gm
Total yeast & mould count <100 cfu/gm
Ecoli,salmonella,shigella Absent
Storage conditions:Store below 30°C Shelf Life: 2 years Pack sizes:5 kg / 25 kg