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HPLC columns “NeoSphere”

NeoSphere HPLC Columns are manufactured state of the art facility in Germany under stringent controls of quality. NeoSphere is extremely ultra-pure stationary phase, spherical & completely porous silica gel having constant specific area. NeoSphere packing materials have extra ordinary purity and free from metallic contaminants that could hinder optimum peak shape.

Product Features:

  • 100% manufactured & packed on Europe standards.
  • Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
  • Ultra-pure silica.
  • Batch to batch reproducibility.
  • Highly based deactivated.
  • Maximum hydrophobicity.
  • Enhanced pH Stability.
  • New selectivity’s.
  • No Metal impurities.
  • Excellent Performance.
  • Every column is individually tested.

Quality Control of NeoSphere Bonded Stationary Phases:

  • Elemental analysis (C,H,N)
  • Elemental analysis (%C,%N)
  • Surface coverage (umol/m2)
  • 29 Si-and 13C-soild-state NMR spectroscopy
  • Chromatographic tests
  • Batch to batch reproducibility of stationery phases
  • Individual Column Test Report
  • Control of Column Packing Quality.

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