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Hexon is fastest growing professionally managed German collaboration company having business presence worldwide.


Hexon is fastest growing professionally managed German collaboration company having business presence worldwide.

Hexon is engaged in variety of segments which are well operated through its three different divisions like CHROMATOGRAPHY, RAW MATERIALS CHEMICALS/ & BIOTECH.

Hexon is well known for its innovative approach in every class of its segments, Quality first is the main concept of the company & which is successfully run by its highly professional & dedicated individuals to keep our customer ever satisfied.

All our products are manufactured in modern state of the art facilities in different part of the world complying to relevant international standards.
We always present our products in the market with the concept of highest quality standard product at effective cost.




One of our highly appreciated line of products  brand “NeoSphere” in HPLC columns & “NeoVials” in HPLC & GC  vials having well presence in the global pharma industries successfully since 2007.

All our chromatographic products are manufactured in world class robust manufacturing facility in Germany under stringent controls of quality.


In this segment of chemicals we produce chemical based raw materials in pure form which is designed suitable for product formulations in pharma, Food, Cosmetics & Agriculture industries.

All these Pure grade Raw materials are quality Guaranteed & supplied with certificate of analysis.

Our moto behind this segment to provide quality assured raw materials at very lowest possible cost to industry which helps to produce quality formulations along with batch to batch consistency.

We also having quality laboratory HPLC grade chemicals products which meet all the international quality standards, which are available in variety of packings.


We have state of the art facility of Fermentation process in which we developed research based unique products applicable in Pharma, Food, cosmetic industries.

All these products are manufactured as per GMP & international pharmaceuticals standards,

In this segment we have wide range of products like

Bacteriological Raw materials ie Media bases likeYeast Extract Powder, Peptones, Tryptones, aminoacids etc.

Pre biotics: MOS & FOS.

Probiotics: Bacillus substillis,Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens,Sacchromyces cerevisiae,saccchromyces boulardi etc

Enzymes: Amylase ,Protease, Diastase, Pancreatin.

Cosmysoft: A organic Moisturizer for skin care formulations ie Cosmysoft ( Gamma poly Glutamic acid), Keratin Hydrolysate, Palmitic Methyl Ester, Ascorbyl Palmitate etc.


This division is launched with socially focused intensions towards healthy life of human beings in this commercial era .

Our moto behind these products to give genuine organic & residue free options to agriculture farmings through which farmers achive their yield targets along with taking care of human health.

All these products are certified as residue free & base is purely organic ingredients which are compitable to any fast effect chemical products available in the market.

Organic formulations: suitable for various applications in agriculture industries.

AQ55: Multiaction organic product.

LYFI:  Plant growth regulator

INS9: Insecticide

Xantho100: Antibacterial/Anti viral

MaxGun: Antifungal

Brixon: Sweetness & colour improver

CreackNil: Anticracking.

All these products are manufactured as per GMP standard in the state of art manufacturing facility in India & supplied in the bulk quantities to Agro products manufacturing companies as an OEM basis only.


“Everyday It takes many things to make a company grow, Technology, Quality & customer services these are a few of Hexon’s strengths, Teamwork &, honesty is engrained in our culture.

Everyday, at all levels, we trying to create an environment where each individual is included and valued.

Continuous Improvement will continue to drive our future initiatives”

“Genuine means Hexon”

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