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Beef Extract Powder

Beef Extract Powder is a dehydrated extract of bovine tissue for use in preparing microbiological culture media in a laboratory testing, Beef Extract Powder is prepared and standardized for use in microbiological culture media, where it is generally used to replace infusion of meat.


Beef extract is a water-soluble powder that is used in general purpose mediaas It is rich in nutritional supplement.

It is recommended for use in bacteriological examination of water, milk, and other materials, where uniform composition of media is important and for biochemical studies, particularly fermentation reactions.

It supplies phosphates, minerals, energy sources and other essential nutrients missing from peptone

It has wide application in general purpose, diagnostic media employed for bulk production of antibiotics, enzymes etc.

Beef extract powder is a most widely used and the most common bacterial basal medium.

Beef extract is rich in creatine, creatinine, polypeptides, water-soluble substances amino acids, nucleotides, organic acids, minerals and vitamins class.

Wherein beef extract provides carbon and energy source for the microorganisms, phosphate, peptone provide the main nitrogen source, inorganic salts and NaCl provided.

Product Quality specification:

Appearance Yellowish brown powder, odour charecterisitc.
Solubility  Completely soluble in water
Clarity (1% aq solution) Clear solution
Reaction (pH of 2% solution)  6.0 - 7.5
Total Nitrogen  NLT 12.5%
Sulphated Ash  NMT 15%
Amino Nitrogen  NLT 3.5 %
Loss on drying NMT 6.0%
Total bacterial count NMT 5000cfu/g
Total Yeast and mould count (cfu/gm) NMT 200 cfu/g
Pathogens (E.coli, Salmonella & Shigella)  Absent
Storage conditions : Store below 30°C Shelf Life:  24 months Pack sizes: 25 kg