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Mannan Oligosaccharide

MOS is a functional oligosaccharide prebiotics from the optimized purified baker’s yeast cell wall.

It can promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria, regulate the gastrointestinal tract flora balance, adsorb bacteria and reduce the incidence of the diseases.

Its mannan content is more than 20%, MOS has a strong adsorption for mycotoxins and pathogens.

Physical Characteristics
Item                            Index
Color  Light yellow
Odor Special yeast odour, no rotten or unpleasant smell
Purity Without foreign substances
Appearance Powder

Technical specification

Item Index                                                                                                                             
Mannan(%) NMT 20
Total  carbohydrates NMT 40
Crude protein (%) NLT 35
Moisture (%) NLT 6.0
As (mg/kg) NLT  2.0
Pb (mg/kg) NLT 5.0
Total bacterial plate count (cfu/g) NLT 2.0 x 106
Salmonella  Negative



Animal Piglet Sow Poultry
Dosage (Kg per ton complete feed) 2 1 1-2

Storage and Packaging: Store in cool and dry place.

Packaging: 20KG

Shelf life: 24 months from production date when stored in its original packaging.


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