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100% Organic product


Viscous, off white to light brown coloured liquid.


  • •Highly effective on varieties of fungal diseases on all types of crops.(Moisturizer)
  • •Fast curative action against downey mildew.
  • •To prevent outbreak of new fungal disease, it works as a vaccine
  • •Maxgun works to induce systemic resistance against fungal diseases.
  • •Incorporated with other available insecticide controls sucking pest.
  • •Repellent actions over insects
  • •Effective on harmful bacterial & viral infections
  • •Works by both systemic & contact actions.
  • •Easily absorbed by the plant, both from leaves and roots.
  • •Promotes fresh growth of plant tissues.
  • •Organic fungicide,residue free hence can be use at export oriented crops.

Crops: MaxGun can be applied on all types of crops.

Dosage: 1-2 ml per liter of water.

[Note: It is supplied to manufacturers only as a raw material]

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