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BrixoN is a Bio-organo liquid highly reach in vitamins, Organic nutrients and micronutrients , enzymes & sweetness improving agents to improve the colour& sweetness of fruit. Colour of the skin &sweetness  is a very crucial quality of any fruit.. Therefore, growers generally seek to improve fruit colouration & higher brix content of fruit Crop, BrixoN can help to achieve the desired appearance.


  • BrixoN has a positive effect in fruit colouration It does so by increasing the production of an enzyme involved in the production of anthocyanin, one of the main compounds in fruit that determines its colour.
  • Foliar application is very effective after flowering and at early ripening where there is a need to improve fruit coloration.
  • Soil application improves the colour of red fruit largely through the increased production of carbohydrates, which are the building block for red pigments.
  • It stimulates to increase the natural sweetness in fruits.
  • It increases the natural colour & shining of fruit.
  • BrixoN helps to maintain uniform shape of fruits.
  • It helps to balance the ripening of fruits.
  • Grapes- first spray usually after 80-90 days after cutting & twice in a month.
  • Pomegranate-1st spray- 120days after cutting & continue with every 10 days before harvesting.
  • Watermelon or Muskmelon-1st spray- after 10days of fruit setting & continue with every 8 days before harvesting.
  • Dosage-Mix 2 to 3ml in 1 litre of water and use for spray or drip.
[Note: It is available to supply in Bulk for Agri product manufacturers only]

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