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AQ 55.

100% Organic product


Viscous, light golden yellow to amber colored liquid.


  • High water retention capacity (Moisturizer)
  • Excellent For keeping quality.
  • Anti sunburn.
  • Stress management.
  • Luster formation & shining on leaves & fruits.
  • Maintains the root health.
  • Rich in natural nutritional values (Protins, Aminoacids, Vitamins, Enzymes, Glucose, NPK)
  • Very Effective plant growth promoter.
  • Folier application maintains the freshness of leaves and branches.
  • Increases sweetness in fruits.
  • As a catalyst in natural colour development in fruits & flowers.
  • Increases organic content & nutritional value of the soil.
  • Balances the pH value of the soil.
  • Preventive anti fungal.
  • Luster formation helps to protect from bacterial & viral diseases attacks.
  • Increases effectiveness of NPK fertilizers.
  • chelates toxic metal ions in soil such as lead, copper, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, arsenic. Work by both systemic & contact actions.
  • Can be use as a catalyst (Carrier) with any other product for fast action of your formulation.
Crops: All types of vegetables, fruits, flowers creepers and green house crops. Dosage: 2-5 ml per liter of water. [Note: It is supplied to manufacturers only as a raw material]

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