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Yeast Extract (Y001)

Product Code Y001 Grade For Bacteriology
Purity CAS No 8013-01-2
Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
H.S.Code 2102.1010 Shelf Life 2 Years

Physical Properties

Physical state at 20 C Solid Colour A Light yellow to beige Odor Characteristic


Description Off white to yellowish brown coloured powder
Total Nitrogen (on Dry) Not Less than 9.0%
Amino nitrogen (on dry) Not Less than 3.0%
Moisture Not More than 6.0%
NaCl Not More than 2.0%
pH Value, (2% solution) 5.0 -7.2
Aerobic Count, cfu/g Not More than 50000 cfu/g
Coliform, MPN/100g Not More than 30
Salmonella Negative


5 Kg, 20 Kg

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