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100% Organic   LYFI growth management product that motivate the plant to produce it own beneficial hormones naturally.   By impoving vitamins and mineral uptake and also bodily hormone production via plants root or leaves.   Contains Amino acids and short chained peptides, and vitamins useful to the plant as nutrients, allowing the plant to grow without the hindrances of environmental stresses.


  • Increase organic content of the soil.
  • Accelerate seed germination.
  • Improves development of roots & shoots
  • Helps in healthy roots formation
  • Avail required micronutrients ,proteins to the plant.
  • Promote steam growth in plant.
  • Promotes antioxidant activity
  • Promotes branching.
  • Reducing fruit drops.
  • Enhance immunity in plants.
  • Reduce stress on plant by drastic climate changes.
  • Stimulate plant enzyme & hormones.
  • Keeps plant Healthy & fresh.
  • Stimulates cell division leading to vigorous plant growth & higher yields.
Crops: Lyfi can be applied on all types of crops. Dosage: 2-3 ml per lit of water [Note: It is supplied to manufacturers only as a raw material]

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