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A disorder where fruit surface cracks mainly due to heavy irrigation or rain after long dry spell & this may occur due to varietal characters, orchard soil management, inappropriate levels of water at maturity stage, light, temperature and micro-nutrient deficiency.   The environmental and physiological changes causes of cracking or splitting of soft and citrus fruits.Fruit cracking occurs when there is a rapid net influx of water and solutes into the fruit at the same time that ripening or other factors reduce the strength and elasticity of the fruit skin. In the field, high soil moisture tensions suddenly lowered by irrigation or rains are the most frequent cause of fruit cracking.   It is generally found in grapes, apricot, litchi, cherry, apple, pomegranate, citrus, and nectarine etc.The average loss of fruit cracking ranges from 50-85 %.   CrackNil is Bio-organic based research product rich in calcium ,Vitamins & polymeric Enzymes which plays very important role in the prevention of cracking .   Spray of crackNil prevents fruits from temperature fluctuation affect on the skin of fruit.   CracNil makes coat on the fruit which help to prevent from attack of UV rays & high light & temperature intensity in the day time & also coldness at night time.   It heals minute cracks & wrinkles developed on fruit & save it to converts in big cracks.   It maintains the skin healthy to prevent cracking of skin due to increased pressure exerted by the pulp on the skin.   It over comes the problem of reduction in photo synthesis process & sugar may have been reduced by shading which could have affected cracking indirectly.   It prevents fruits from humidity variation which is high in day & low in night this affects more in green houses.   As it is antis tress activity it saves fruits from sudden water stress.   It makes fruits skin more elastic & strengthening the skin walls.   Forcing its rich nutritional value into the fruit while still attached to the plant will increase the strength of the intra ocular areas & reduce radial cracking.   If it give through soil application it increase the moisture content of soil which increases tensil strength of soil& relaxing the root pressure.   Greenhouse growers should maintain minimal day/night temperature differences and increase temperatures gradually from night- time to daytime levels. For both field and greenhouse tomato growers, spray of crackNil probably offers the best protection against cracking.  


  • Useful to all types of fruits
  • Dosage-Mix 3 to 4 ml in 1 litre of water and use for spray or drip.
  • 1st spray- after 10 days of fruit setting & continue with every 10 days before harvesting.
  [Note: It is available to supply in Bulk for Agri product manufacturers only]

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